Monday, October 31, 2011

Deepika and I had a blast: John Abraham

He recently hit the screens in all his brawny glory with "Force". After the out-an-out action flick, actor John Abraham is ready to take his shirt off once again. But this time there are no goons to fight. With co-star Akshay Kumar for company, the actor is set to bring the house down in "Desi Boyz".

So, is he all ready to reinforce himself as the ultimate female fantasy with this flick, post " Dostana"? "I don't know about that (laughs). But yes, the film can be termed as a 'costume fantasy'. That's because we play male escorts in the movie," says the actor. In the same breath, the actor clarifies that there is nothing raunchy about the movie or even any of his forthcoming films. "Be it my last release "Force" or even this one, the films are clean and the entire family can go and watch it. I would call my current flick a 'dramedy', because it has elements of drama and comedy," says the actor.

With an exception of a few Hindi flicks that are clearly aimed for kids, most movies these days cater to the adult audience - be it the subject, jokes or even the lack of inhibition with which the lead actors shed their clothes. "I think more than being 'adult' or 'universal', these days films are being made for the multiplex audience - the way it is shot, produced or marketed. In such a scenario, it's always beneficial to make clean entertaining films, so that the whole family can go and watch it together," reasons John.

But despite calling his films clean, a song from his upcoming flick courted controversy recently when a section of the film industry raised an objection over John's hand gesture in the number "Jhak Maar Ke". Terming it 'vulgar' and 'objectionable', many questioned the Censor Board's decision to pass it without any cuts. "I don't understand what the hue and cry is all about," quips John. Prod him further and he says, "When the song was being choreographed on Deepika and me, we had a blast. It's a cute song and it was never meant to be offensive or vulgar. When we make films we have to be careful about not hurting the sentiments of the people. And if anyone is indeed offended by my hand gesture, then I'm sorry," says John. So didn't he know what it meant while doing those moves? "To be honest, I have no clue what the hand gesture means in the first place. Maybe, I'm not keeping myself up-to-date with all this," he says tongue firmly in cheek.

Post "Force", the star has another action thriller "Race 2" which will see him pack a punch. "Doing action films are fun," he says. With his last release getting a good opening on the weekend of its release, does John keep a track of the collections of his films? "To be honest, I don't understand all these number games - whether it's at the Box office or star wars. I think people like Akshay are the best to answer such questions," says the star evading the query.

With his personal life generating more buzz on a regular basis than his films, John chooses to remain tightlipped about controversial topics. "In showbiz controversies are bound to happen. But I tend to take all of them with a pinch of salt," he says before signing off.

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