Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do not draw more problems!

However, all problems seem unique, each has within it the solution. Let me explain ... I recently received an e-mail reader. She is a beautiful woman who, because of his drink, he holds most dear in his life is lost. It may be all that is free of addiction. And he's scared. Her health, her treatment, his family, his friends, his financial well-being, and for her ability to overcome her addiction is concerned about. That a seemingly insurmountable number of problems, all needing immediate attention it feels surrounded. Each of these problems seems to be related to each other, that a complex web of perfectly formed her incarceration. He is full of problems and solutions feel empty. Many of us feel overwhelmed at some time in our lives. Maybe it's a divorce, a job, an illness, a serious challenge because of some confusion that comes to life lose. It seems that we are a rock and a hard place and that are trapped between life very difficult. Any choice we make when we are in this situation we have a no-win situation leads to. However, his problem is specific, its challenges are universal: how do we fear and loss of life issues and problems that are beyond the partner do? This particular woman's circumstances approach can be applied to all our problems.

When we come face to face with a problem, is one of the first things we do reach out for help. Sometimes we can see help, sometimes we can not. We deal with problems on a physical level and physical solutions to want to come. When a problem is typical of the kind of divorce, we go to find a divorce lawyer. If it is a job loss, we go to a career counselor. If we have a disease, we go to a doctor. Which is great, I think it is important that we do. When we are sick, it is important that we seek the help of a doctor. But this is a world of cause and effect. If we only deal with problems at the level of impact, we find solutions only for effect. Until the cause is still present, we re-experience again and again to make sure that the problems are. For example, if a hole in our boat and we have been all the water (effect) bail, we stay afloat for a while but we hole (cause) may have to fix the water As we continue to be in the lime (because) bailing holes, fix (effect) is unnecessary. The same is true of all of life's problems: When we heal the cause, effects look after themselves.

As important as the physical level to find solutions to problems, we solve problems beyond the physical aspects and their physical needs to be at a deeper level. We look at your soul level so that we can find spiritual solutions needs. When we find a spiritual solution, due to the level we are dealing with this problem. And because by Medicare, the effect is not reoccur. For example, if we have a headache and we only on a physical level, then we take it a pain reliever may be fine for a while, but chances are it is going to reoccur by the deal. To treat attention than physical level, the benefit to our spiritual solution to participate as well. Both at short-term relief medical guarantees that provides problem will reoccur. In fact many different variations on the physical level, the problems come in the shape and size looks like, with luck, each has its own physical cure. Spiritual level, there is a problem and therefore there is a solution. We believe in our separation from God because of a problem, a solution that we believe we are one with God is.

There are many things that almost all spiritual traditions agree on And I'm going to talk to the kids here are. , The first universal belief "God is infinite." Definition, anything that might be contrary to infinity. Unlike anything that might not include everything, there really is no other place to be anything. In the physical world, everything has an opposite. When there is a disease that is the opposite - health. When a broken marriage, there it is the opposite - a happy marriage. Employment - when there is unemployment, it is the contrary. Happy job - or even when there is a contrast miserable job. Conflict there is always the opposite. The idea that God is infinite, there can be no contrast. So if we believe that God as infinite almost every suggestion of spirituality, there is no place where God can be. Another almost universal belief that I want to offer, "God is perfect." Perfect world (and I think you'll agree) of my pictures, no sickness, no poverty, there is nothing that can not be painful or incomplete. In my perfect world I'm married, I'm happily married. If I'm alone, I'll happily. If I have a business, I love my business. In perfection, there it is impossible pain, poverty, disease to be, etc.

So put those two truths together. If we agree that God is infinite (it is everywhere, there is nothing outside of God), and we agree (as do almost all religions) that God is true, then there is no place in God does not exist or that the disease can have pain or fear of any kind can exist. Disease as examples of duality in the world, used, there is illness and there health. So when we are sick, we are a specialist, a health professional who brings us back to health are. God (unity in the world where everything is and everything is perfect) world, there can be only good health. Infinite perfection there can be no place for the disease. So yes, it is important to pay attention to us for physical treatment for physical problems at the physical level. But in order for them pain, to be free from pain, and imperfections, spiritual solution we spent as much time and energy as we have to do physical solutions. Spiritual perspective, remember there is only one problem - I believe I am separate from God.

Here's an exercise to help you with a spiritual solution: day 5 minutes before your mind and your day is a chance to be a busy night just before you drift off to sleep to take less than 5 minutes. First, make sure to take some deep breaths to relax your body and your mind is calm. So use all five senses to experience Infinity likely to be inside. Infinity itself is cradled in the arms of perfection, or a golden light that everyone and everything bathed in reaffirming their relationship to the picture can be helpful. Use pictures, sounds, whatever, and feelings will help you to remind you that the only likely include infinite and perfect love. Idea that is not possible to give you the reason you can try. Remind yourself that it is impossible that God's perfection you no matter what flaws you experience your life or what mistakes have you made one of the left out. Every five minutes, remember you do not forget to use the exercises are not abandoned you, and you are ostracized not any problem. Remember that there is no reason that it is great enough that the law out of physically impossible Infinity may be forced to rewrite. No matter what you have or have not you embrace the perfect infinite and it is impossible for it to be any other way you are for peace.!

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