Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wherever Jaya goes, Rekha has to follow, right?

So what if Rekha has been snubbed again by you know who? The actor is in no mood to give up that easily. The rumours suggest Rajeev Shukla played a key role in pitting Rekha against Jaya Bachchan at the Rajya Sabha. If you have been rolling on the floor laughing reading all those silly comments which have been made by the masses, who are expecting a Silsila Part 2 in RS soon, here’s something that will certainly keep you amused.
Apparently, Jaya Bachchan isn’t too comfortable sitting near Rekha in the Rajya Sabha. This is precisely the reason why she had asked her seat to be changed. While Jaya was allotted seat number 91, Rekha was given seat number 98. According to a tabloid, Jaya wrote a letter to the chairman of the Rajya Sabha. Jaya cited the death of a former SP colleague, Brijbhushan Tiwary, who used seat 92, as the reason why she wants her seat to be shifted. Going by what is being discussed, a decision will be taken soon.
Desperate to mend her relationship with Amitabh and Jaya that went sour for the reason we all know, Rekha made an effort to greet Amitabh Bachchan at at the 54th Idea Filmfare Awards in 2009 too. For the uninitiated, the story goes like this. As soon as the function ended, Rekha greeted SRK, who bowed to her in respect. She then kissed Abhishek Bachchan and hugged Aishwarya. When she was just about to greet Amitabh Bachchan, he walked away. But did this instance help Rekha realize the need to distance herself from the Bachchans? Not really!
In 2010, Rekha stunned everyone when she hugged rival Jaya at the launch of Rajadhyksha's Marathi coffee table book “Chehre” (Faces). While Jaya took some time to realize what exactly had happened, photographers were elated to have captured the ‘historic’ moment. According to what was reported, Rekha was warm, but Jaya remained bitter towards her throughout the function.
  To ensure her annoyance didn’t go unnoticed, Jaya had reportedly turned away from Rekha and resumed her conversation with singer Asha Bhonsle. Interestingly, while hosting the event Jaya invited everyone on stage, she comfortably missed Rekha’s name. Jaya didn’t even feel the need to mention Rekha’s name while she addressed the gathering about the contribution by leading ladies of Bollywood. Isn't this enough to gauge how much significance Rekha's warmth carries?

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