Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunny Leone sunny side up!

She made headlines when she entered the Bigg Boss house. Adult model Sunny Leone’s presence in the house ruffled many feathers. Right from protests by moral watchdogs to debates on television, she became a household name post her entry on the show. But in the middle of the chaos that happened outside the house. Sunny bagged a film, Jism 2, while inside the house. And she feels that people have been sweet to her. Says Sunny, “I am happy that I took up the show and today it has made a known face in India too.”

Talking about her stay, Sunny says, “Being on the show has taught me a lot about India and the people here. I’m an Indian, but having born and brought up abroad, I was always unaware of the small details, but by being in the house, I now have a fair knowledge about the environment. I have also worked a lot on my Hindi and I guess it has improved in the house. However, something that upset me was that there were fights and people were screaming at each other. This is something that I wasn’t expecting.”

About getting a film offer in the house she says, “Being a Bollywood heroine was my childhood dream and now it seems to be coming true. I was so surprised when Mr Bhatt (filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt) offered me the movie as till that time I wasn’t sure if the audiences have accepted me. But his entry in the house proved that people are positive about me. Now that I’m out, I want to meet and have a indepth conversation on what exactly he wants my role to be like and how I can start working on it. Frankly, I’m very excited.”

About meeting all the stars on the show, she adds, “It is such a surreal experience. I met Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt and others who I have just watched in films till now. So for me it was really an experience I can’t forget.” Finally ask her about her experience with house mate Amar Upadhayay, and she reacts, “I don’t know what his intentions were. I felt uncomfortable about him getting close to me and put my foot down. Also I had earlier told him that I do not like the touchy-feely behaviour and had an adult conversation rather than screaming, crying or howling. But now he has apologised on national TV and also that I don’t have to see him anymore so I don’t care.”

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