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Action Vs Delay

"Whatever you think or you believe you can start the battle magic grace and power in it. Can."

Action is one thing that will bring about the result. Action reminds us that we have what it takes. We have a great idea, but ideas are useless without action.

Knowing that we need to take action and actually taking action are two different things. Most people know what they need, it is not in that way is. What happens to many of us fear to step on the way and prevents us from moving forward. If you want to change your life, you have to face fear. The only way around it through fear tactic.

Speed new situation and creates awareness. Otherwise, inertia, inaction that observation, instructive, however, be boring if we can indulge in it. We need a balance.

Sometimes you think the only thing we need is action strategies, no, no right action, recognition results, - just action.

When we start to change, we can get in the way mistakes. Celebrate mistakes it means you are moving and get on with it!

Do you act or delay? Check the following sentiments:

Feelings when in action: being enhanced, find, excite, control, powerful, liberation, freedom, purpose and focus, the eyes are off me.

Delays in the emotion: frustrating, powerless regrets, load centers, not in the blame game, eyes are on me

Judgement by others and therefore the decision to delay the start to define more targets will be more important than the major cause of unraveling.

"You think of others what you do not work"

Cataclysm 'made' in our minds and may be an illusion. Our ego is all about 'me' is. Your ego does not want to be judged and always wants something in return. Therefore, we take our eyes off ourselves and focus our actions to others' need to make.

Take 2 steps

1. Introspection to search for clues to who we are
2. Our focus on others to take action to overcome our fear leads


Action considered ------ ------ ------- Results of Action Plan

This is just not necessary for people to take action to bring the process to learn.

8 sources of delay?

1. Fear: failure there mistakes and disappointments of the fear.
2. Caught in past experiences - being in the past is like driving looking in the rear view mirror.
3. Habits
4. Negative self-talk around an underlying value or belief, confidence, decision or underlying values or beliefs that we hold back from taking some kind of responsibility.
5. Self-doubt - Emotions such well being grateful for the call to action could come before as anger.
6. Goals, big or small, we can be overwhelmed by a large target and small achievable steps, or even the first simple step can not see.
7. No support system
8. A vision

Ways to delay taking action to shift

1. Make a change in perception

Questions that can change your perception:

Oh you might die tomorrow, if you do not regret what you do?
O What is missing here, that once it is included the situation will flow?
O successes you had in the past? What do you build on?
O Who is your support team? Is it big enough? There more you engage with others to help you achieve your goals need?
Action is being described the feeling of being in action o.
Oh what simple steps you can take right now?

2. Out fear with logic - as confusion in our minds Construction

We fear through false arguments need to think clearly. Know that unwanted / unplanned results are just part of the process. Embrace it and move on. And create a strong perspective to examine the underlying fear. Be good to face failure - learn from it! The only way around it through fear tactic. And as it does not face the fear!

Dealing with fear, inter alia, include:

O What's the worst that could be?
O appreciate the 'frustration' did not kill anyone
O second light, use a game, it's fun to make!

3. Underlying values or beliefs

We are implementing an action plan is needed before a process of discovery.

There is an underlying value or belief is sabotaging your goal? Such failure may be committed. Other people or ask a life coach can help you uncover the beliefs of any kind.

Most of us at our strength. World we are inundated with negative comments. 'Weakness' Do not focus on - use the' distracted ',' barriers', 'blind alley', 'barriers - words that sound manageable. Four negative events people will remember for every 1 positive event. Therefore, there needs to be counterbalance. We need to build a force list. If necessary, use offline. Create a timeline success and pulling power of these successes. Another strategy to overcome the affirmations written down (as simple as an email grateful) and place it somewhere visible.

Make a list of encouraging role models. Identify who are your role models and why. If they can do that we can. If a current role model we need to challenge themselves to find.

Identify what we need to get out of our lives. Often we support what they get out of our lives we do not add up. Consequently, we have to overcome obstacles before they need to create a problem.

Can make the difference between "not versus will not"

4. Create an action plan

Client is a design and monitor their progress and visually see the benefit of the coaching process is capable of. Importantly, we need to gather resources to support action. Recruitment of a support team to help support the people and the time they spend with non-reduction. Limitations put in place.

5. Set goals and Specification

Sometimes missing that all an inspiring goal. We clearly need to re-target. Action need not be large. Consequently, we SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic time frame is over) need to identify targets. Strategic goals requires many sub-goals to help, broke into a target small and manageable pieces.

Be careful of too much action that in itself, might not be overwhelming. Goals you really want to stop it, or it can pretty much do not want to see.

6. Reframe delay

Reframe introspection / self-analysis for an opportunity to delay / self-encouraging. Delay can be cured if it is not the right time can. Self-insight / introspection is very important before we can proceed. Do not rush into action for the sake of action. Blaming and accept differences are really affecting your step as between conditions. It may be a fine line.

Not control our external circumstances, but we can control our responses.

6 strategies to prevent themselves slipping into old patterns:

1. Describe the consequences of action. Which is worse: war or non-action?
2. Once you know what works about it more.
3. When you have something that does not work to find something different.
4. Do something every day that you do not want to do.
5. "This, ditch it, delegate it - to yourself 1 hour to give to his work on an action plan.
6. Set up accountability structures

Peter Appleton bee u a globally recognized life coach coaching, skills are recognized by the International Coach Federation - ICF (coach certification body for the top.)

"Perspective using the tools of a light bulb 'moment was to do what I do when I complete it or procrastinate on the positive it was really interesting as opposed to missing out on a project can go wrong with changing my approach . And I have used it since. "Emily Curry NSW Australia

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