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The Evaluation Check-List

Whether you a program or service, your organizational processes, or your clients or customers, successful assessment requires planning and forethought satisfaction effectiveness skills are assessed. Your assessment of the 'success' of the degree to which information and knowledge it you optimize your company, organization or department needs to be measured by with offers with the least possible disruption. The assessment check list of fifteen questions that managers before they start the process of evaluation should consider offers.

1) If the assessment is related to a program or service, has developed a logic model?

* Reasoning model frameworks that document, program or service objectives, related activities related to goals and measurable objectives to achieve the objectives and related performance measures and indicators are to achieve.
* Develop a logic model is not the ideal start your evaluation process should take place before. On the other hand, sometimes the evaluator to help you to develop logic models can be engaged.

2) What are the goals for evaluation?

* What you hope to achieve through the evaluation?
* If you must know how to evaluate goals have been achieved?
* What happens if desired results are not achieved or the results of evaluation are not conducive what will happen? - What program or open to change if it appears necessary organization?

3) Why evaluation being considered at this time?

* "Why now?" Evaluation is a phenomenon stems?

4) where the child was the inspiration for evaluation?

* Who started the evaluation process?
* What was the inspiration behind this request or need?

5 Who are the primary audience for evaluation findings?)

* The interests of its various constituencies, including what are: funders, board of directors, customers / clients, managers / supervisors; staff (etc.)?

6 Analysis of the level you require) is?

The findings of the study report can be presented through several formats, including: Table report (with no analysis or interpretation), the fully annotated technical report provides an overview of the findings of the study reports, highlights is. Full report include:

Study methodology and sampling procedures (where applicable) Details of
* Respondent profiles (where applicable)
* Statistics and findings of the study, including interpretation,
* Based on the findings conclusions
* Recommendations and next steps, conclusion is based on.

Report sufficient information for readers to check their own conclusions about the implications of study findings must be as capable.

7) Who owns the data?

* Once the data has been processed and written report, which owns the data? In this example relates to the implications of control and responsibility.
* What provisions of the internal and external stakeholders with the data is shared?

8) What resources are available for evaluation?

* You will use your own staff to design and evaluation, administration or an external evaluator?
* What additional human resources to assist with assessment? Both office support and / or technical support can include.
* What financial resources are available for evaluation? You wanted a realistic budget that reflects the full scope of assessment should develop.
* What the company print, mail-related costs, appraisal or implementation of the elements of the administration work where possible to offset the cost for something?
* If the internal assessment is being used, the technical part of what makes organizations work to subcontractors, if necessary?

9) What is being evaluated internally by their employees,? If so, consider the following questions:

Q. Under the assessment and related responsible persons to take the experience and expertise?
* What internal evaluators also have to carry out at the same time his general responsibilities? How much of your time they will be available for evaluation?
* How much autonomy and freedom will be internal evaluators?
* Resources available to them for what they have to assist in this process? They have the ability to subcontract parts of the work?
* For what they consider controversial issues or are not exposed at the friendly feel free to report, or they provide for evaluation to a positive conclusion will feel the pressure?

10 the external evaluators will be used) will be selected and how they perform?

* Which proposal (RFP) will develop the request?
* What search committee has provided appraisal experience or supervision?
* What are the criteria for screen resolutions?
* What is the best qualifications and credentials match the requirements of the organization?
* Who makes decisions about the final selection of evaluators?

11) the external evaluators will be used, who will be contact between evaluators and organizations?

* What is the contact there is scope for decision making?
* What experience or expertise in evaluating contact or research methods?
* How long the person will be available for this task?

12) What is the timeline of the organization to complete the assessment?

* Who set the deadline, and why?
* Timelines are realistic?
* They are flexible?
* If your deadline is firm, the scope of the evaluation report can be scaled back? For example, time lines, only the respondents gender, age, program, and so on analyzing data rather than by presenting data collected can be reduced.
* If your assessment includes both a satisfaction and outcome studies, a preliminary report satisfaction data as part of the present possible, with the long-term outcome data can be provided later.

13) the last time the organization was assessed?

Q. The most recent evaluation (method, intent, scope) was the nature?
Q. In terms of the evaluation results of the study results, and the impact these results had on the organization or company?
* Recommendations were implemented? If not, why not?
* How employees and managers responded to the final assessment? There was support for evaluation or resistance?
* What is the job of an evaluator, the current project work, simple or the past as a result of the assessment may be more difficult?

14) We have a steering committee to oversee the work of evaluators should install?

* Steering Committee is recommended to use as one of the ensure that full control of your company or organization involved in the evaluation process is meant to say. The ownership, control, Access, and participation is consistent with the OCAP principles. Theses committees established to provide context for the work of their evaluators are. These committees usually established standards for evaluation are responsible for, any questionnaires, forms development or to move out of the group need to study questions to help focus and reach to identify and study sample. We also review the findings of studies related to the attempt to identify the findings included in the committee, and establish recommendations based on findings.
* Steering Committee composition region, industry or the assessment will vary depending on the nature. Ideally the committee members that his campaign processes, services or programs being evaluated are involved in all aspects will represent.

15) And finally, prepare programs to be evaluated?

* Reasoning model in place?
* Employees and managers are committed to undertaking an evaluation at this time?
* Place all the necessary resources, or they are easily accessible, including human material and financial resources.
* What previous questions and evaluate efficient and effective administration of study design have been addressed to ensure that?

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