Friday, April 1, 2011

Cover Letter Mistakes

When applying for a job, it is important that your cover letter skills and abilities that employer is looking for highlights. It's important to spend time on the letter make sure you do it properly.

In part 1 you the common mistakes that I made it with their letter. In Part 2 I will show you something. Avoid these mistakes!

1. Telling the story of his life the moment you employer know that you do not have to be left high school. They only know the skills and experience that you are advertising for the position they want to appropriate. If they are looking for a team worker how to get them well in a team work in your own career to give an example. '5 Years old I always share with my pencil ... " - Walking on about how you do not have always been a team player
2. Weak language when writing about yourself, 'I believe' or 'I like' do not use weak phrases to use. Use phrases such as strong as, 'I believe', 'I am convinced,' or 'I'm positive. In a more capable, confident person will sound like.
3. Handwritten letter to the employer is worried, especially if you have terrible writing. It gives an unprofessional image. Also, some companies scan job applications and it is very easy to do this if the letter is typed. If you do not have access to a computer and printer to yourself to go to many public places that you can use their facilities such as libraries. You type it up for you can ask a friend.
4. Although the company that you are applying, would love to work on yourself desperate frustration examples do not come across as' I would love to work in your company. You are the best in the world! I would appreciate working with you. You also do not pay me and I will never have a holiday wish. "
5. Gimmicks, graphics, clip art or fancy multi-colored fonts do not connect. It will only bother the employer. Keep your letter professional.
6. Photos' Do not send any inappropriate pictures (I only included this one) - this to make you wonder what some employers post receives.

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