Saturday, July 4, 2009

seraphim angels

Angels are beings of light who have chosen to undertake their learning purely on the spiritual plane. They bring forth messages from the Creator to help us remember who we are, that we too are spiritual beings even though we have chosen to take on physical form. They are sent to us from the Divine to guide us through our human lifetime and to keep us safe for the duration of our earthly contract, ensuring it is not terminated before our life's purpose is fulfilled.

They are ready to assist us as soon as we say the word, with any issue large or small, to angels there is no order of difficulty. Their wish for us is to feel peace, love and joy and to know that they exist. Angels are free from gender, having a balance of both masculine and feminine energy. They never incarnate as humans, unlike Spirit Guides who have lived in human form at some stage.

In the Angelic Realm there is a heirarchy that is believed to go like this:

Heavenly Councillors - said to work closest to the Divine Energy. They include Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones.

Seraphim - are the most highly evolved angels whose work involves the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies.

Cherubim - work with light and colour energy. Because our souls vibrate at a higher rate than our physical bodies the Cherubim transform intense divine light into light which our physical bodies can tolerate. The bridge of light that is created allows us to have direct communication with our guides and angels, it allows us to safely have spiritual experiences.

Thrones - work in conjunction with the Seraphin and their job is to govern the planets. Each planet has it's own Throne, the Earth Throne controls climatic disasters such as droughts and earthquakes and keeps balance regarding species.

Heavenly Governors.

Dominions - are the teachers of evolving angels. Their job is to assist the guardian angels with the wellbeing of the human they are assigned to. Virtues - are the angels who respond to our requests for healing, they direct spiritual energy to where it is requested.

Powers - watch over birth and death and rebirth, they guard the Akashic records (records of each souls evolutionary journey - throughout all reincarnations).

Messenger Angels

Principalities - govern and guard nations, cities and large organizations. They are like the bigwigs of the messenger angels. Invoke them when you feel the need for extra strong assistance.

Archangels - oversee the guardian angels. They can be invoked to assist us regarding our life's purpose, for healing, safety and blessings.

Guardian Angels - are assigned to us throughout our whole earthly journey, from the second of conception to beyond death where they stay with us and guide us as we re-adapt to life in the spirit realm. Their job is to protect and guide us without interfering with our free will.

The Archangels are given traditional names and all have a certain quality. Some of the most well known of the Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Raguel, Raziel and Sandalphon.

Elementals - encompass flower fairies, gnomes, salamanders, undines and elves. These are the lowest energy manifestation in the angelic hierarchy. They live the closest to earth and are the only angels with an ego, due to their lower energy vibration. They are environmental angels and are associated with nature, the plants, trees, animals and elements.

Devas - guard certain aspects of nature such as the trees, rocks, forests, plants, rivers, the seasons, fertility, seedtime and harvest. They sometimes guard buildings and areas of sacred energy within the earth.

Ascended Masters - are spiritual beings that once lived as a human on the earth and were great healers, leaders and teachers - they continue to help us today in spirit form. These include Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mary, Yogananda, Quan Yin, Ashtar and the saints. We can call on them to help us at anytime.

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