Friday, March 18, 2011

Trademarks - The Three Types

The term trademark is used generically to describe what exactly commercial icon. To some extent this situation where most people "cokes" and ironically so is akin to refer to as sodas. In truth, there be a change with a trademark are three types of commercial mark.


Trademark - Let's start with simple version. A trademark is a product identifier. A trademark "5 hour energy" energy drinks because it identifies a certain product line.

A trademark that some other products on the market makes it different from anything offered. This is a slogan, name, word, symbol or character you can identify the product meet. On a car hood ornament, for example enough, can.

Service Mark

What if your business does not produce the product? What does a service? As you can probably guess, it will receive a service mark. An example of this is H & R Block offers the services can be.

Business Name

What about the business behind the product or service? A business name can be protected as well. This type of commercial sign is known as a trade name. Mark just the name or a logo can be combined with the name.

A commercial marker can be a combination of both commercial issue? Yes, and to think through the process of filing to make sure that you get full coverage when filing for these points is important.

When considering names, it should be noted that more specific names, it's better. Google the word we're all familiar with these days. 20 years ago, however, was only a few words associated with some egghead mathematicians. As a result, Google is extremely strong for the mark and the courts are more likely to find infringement claims for the company.

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